County of Santa Barbara Long Range Planning Division

Annual Work Program

aerial photo of coastlineThe 2016-2017 Annual Work Program (Work Program) provides a summary of the various land use planning projects for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. The purpose of the Work Program is to provide the Planning Commissions and Board of Supervisors with an opportunity to receive public input and review current and potential projects and select those that warrant general fund allocation and staff resources in the upcoming fiscal year.The Work Program provides a framework for consideration and determination of top priority projects, from the many requests for projects that are intended to improve our communities and/or update our Comprehensive Plan. 


2016-2017 Work Program (PDF)



Fiscal Year 16/17

Coastal Resiliency (Grant)

Eastern  Goleta Valley Community Plan

ECAP Implementation

Gaviota Coast Plan

Hollister Streetscape Improvement

Housing Element Implementation

Santa Claus Lane

Short Term Rentals


Fiscal Year 16/17

Airport Compatibility (Mandate)

Medical Marijuana

SGMA Support

Ag Permit Streamlining

Hoop Structures

IV Strategy Development

Scenic Highway Designation (Hwy 101 Gaviota)

EGVCP Mapping

Montecito Design Guidelines Phase - II

Telecommunications  Ordinance




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