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The Gaviota Coast Planning Area

The Gaviota Coast planning area is a spectacular rural landscape, characterized by a backdrop of rugged mountains, rolling hills, and lowland coastal areas, and supporting rich agricultural, biological, cultural, and recreational resources and striking scenic beauty. It is one of the larget remaining stretches of undeveloped coastline in southern California. The planning area is bounded by the Goleta Community Plan to the east, Vandenberg Air Force Base to the west, the ridgeline of the Santa Ynez Mountains and Gaviota Creek Watershed to the north, and the Pacific Ocean to the south.

The County of Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors adopted the Gaviota Coast Plan and its implementing documents, including the Gaviota Coast Plan Design Guidelines, on November 8, 2016. The Plan and the Guidelines took effect in the inland area on December 9, 2016. Within the Coastal Zone, the Plan will not take effect until it is certified by the California Coastal Commission. A decision by the Coastal Commission is not anticipated before mid 2018.

Dan Klemann, Deputy Director:
David Lackie, Supervising Planner:
Julie Harris, Senior Planner:

Gaviota Coast Plan (PDF) (full text, large file)
Gaviota Coast Plan Design Guidelines (PDF)
Final Environmental Impact Report

Gaviota Coast Plan by Chapter
Cover and Table of Contents (PDF)
1.0 Introduction (PDF)
2.0 Natural and Cultural Resource Stewardship (PDF)
3.0 Agriculture (PDF)
4.0 Parks, Recreation, and Trails (PDF)
5.0 Land Use (PDF)
6.0 Visual Resources (PDF)
7.0 Transportation, Energy, and Infrastructure (PDF)
Appendix A: Art Work and Photo Credits (PDF)
Appendix B: ESH Types Based Primarily on Vegetation (PDF)
Appendix C: Trail Siting Guidelines (PDF)
Appendix D: Steep Slope Guidelines (PDF)

Links to Project Background and Archived Documents
Gaviota Coast Plan Adoption Hearings
Draft EIR, Plan Initiation, and Gaviota Coast Planning Advisory Committee (GavPAC)

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