County of Santa Barbara Long Range Planning Division

Environmental Impact Report for the Eastern Goleta Valley Community Plan

The County Planning and Development Department (P&D) has prepared an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to inform the public and decision-makers of the potential environmental effects of the proposed Eastern Goleta Valley Community Plan (EGVCP). According to CEQA Guidelines Section 15151, an EIR should include a sufficient degree of analysis to provide decision-makers with information which enables them to make a decision which intelligently takes account of environmental consequences.

Final EIR

P&D has prepared a Final EIR (14EIR-00000-00005) based on comments received during the public review period on the Draft EIR. Changes to the Draft EIR are highlighted in the draft Final EIR with strikethrough and underline text. The Final EIR does not identify any new significant impacts and does not increase the severity of any impacts. Changes include clarifying information and adding additional mitigation to further reduce significant impacts. Section 9 of the Final EIR includes copies of the written comments received on the Draft EIR and P&D’s responses. Two EIR Revision Letters (RV01 and RV02) were prepared to address Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors action on the EGVCP.  The Board of Supervisors certified the EIR and the Revisions Letters on October 20, 2015.

Final EIR
Notice of Determination
Revision Letter RV01
Revision Letter RV02
Volume I EIR Analysis (99 MB)
Volume II Appendices A-F (112 MB)
Volume III Appendices G-J (48 MB)

Individual Sections
Cover Page/Table of Contents/Acronyms
Executive Summary
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Project Description
3.0 Environmental Setting
4.0 Environmental Impact Analysis
4.1 Land Use and Planning
4.2 Transportation and Circulation
4.3 Aesthetics / Visual Resources
4.4 Agricultural Resources
4.5 Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
4.6 Biological Resources
4.7 Flooding and Water Resources
4.8 Cultural Resources
4.9 Public Services and Facilities

4.10 Noise
4.11 Geologic Hazards and Soils
4.12 Hazardous Materials and Risk of Upset
4.13 Parks, Recreation, and Trails
5.0 Consistency with Plans and Policies
6.0 Alternatives
7.0 Other CEQA Mandated Sections
8.0 References, Persons Contacted, and Preparers
9.0 Letters of Comment and Responses
10.0 Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Programs
Appendix A Notice of Preparation and NOP Comments
Appendix B Draft Zoning Ordinance (MU)
Appendix C Environmental Scoping Study
Appendix D1 Traffic and Circulation Study
Appendix D2 Supplemental Traffic Analysis for the U.S. 101/Patterson Avenue Intersections
Appendix E Agricultural Weighted Point System
Appendix F Air and Greenhouse Gas Study
Appendix G Biological Resources Report
Appendix H Service Letters
Appendix I Noise Analysis
Appendix J EDR Data Map Area Study

Printed copies of the draft Final EIR can be ordered from CyberCopy for a fee.

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Public Review Draft EIR

Public Hearing and Comment:  P&D solicited comments on the adequacy and completeness of the Draft EIR for the EGVCP. Public comments were received during the public comment period from August 19, 2014 through October 3, 2014. Public testimony was also heard at a public hearing on September 10, 2014.

Draft EIR
Volume I EIR Analysis (27 MB)
Volume II Appendices A-F (42 MB)
Volume III Appendices G-J (44 MB)

EIR Environmental Scoping

Environmental Review Scoping Documents

Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report
Environmental Scoping Study-Revised August 15, 2013
Hollister and State Street Sites Study

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