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The Long Range Planning Division conducted a countywide rezone project for rural lands zoned under the outdated Ordinance 661. Phase I of the Ordinance 661 Consistency Rezone was completed in 2007 for the Santa Maria Valley and San Antonio Creek rural regions. Phase II was completed in 2016 and rezoned remaining Ordinance 661 lands located in the Lompoc Valley, Cuyama Valley, Los Padres National Forest, Santa Ynez Valley (parcels outside of the Santa Ynez Valley Community Plan area), and South Coast Foothill Areas.

On June 21, 2016, the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors held a public hearing to consider Phase II of the Ordinance 661 Consistency Rezone Project and voted unanimously to approve the project.

Board Agenda Letter

Attachment 1  Findings
Attachment 2  Final Negative Declaration (16NGD-00000-00003)
Attachment 3  Resolution amending the Land Use Element (Case No. 16GPA-00000-00001)
Attachment 4  Ordinance amending the County Zoning Map (Case No. 16RZN-00000-00001)
Attachment 5  Ordinance amending Ordinance No. 661 to Repeal Certain Sections (Case No. 16ORD-00000-00001)    
Attachment 6  Comparison Table of Land Uses
Attachment 7  Summary Designation Criteria
Attachment 8  Figures
Attachment 9  Table of Amendments to the Santa Barbara County Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map and Amendments to the County Zoning Map of Section 35-1, the Santa Barbara County Land Use and Development Code (Zoning)
Attachment 10 Planning Commission Action Letter
Attachment 11 Planning Commission Public Comment Letter
Attachment 12 Planning Commission Staff Report




David Lackie, Supervising Planner:


County Planning Commission

A copy of the Planning Commission's action can be found here.


Draft Negative Declaration

Notice of Availability 

Ordinance 661 Consistency Rezone Phase II ND (full document, large file)

Ordinance 661 Consistency Rezone Phase II ND (Volume I)  

Ordinance 661 Consistency Rezone Phase II ND (Appendix)