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Hoop Structures Ordinance Amendments

The Hoop Structures Ordinance Amendments Project will amend the Land Use and Development Code (LUDC) to address the permit requirements for hoop structures on agriculturally zoned lands in the inland areas of the unincorporated County of Santa Barbara.

About Hoops
Hoop structures are removable agricultural plant protection structures that shelter crops from the elements and enhance the growing environment. Hoop structures are widely used in the County to produce high value crops. Recent trends indicate that more farmers are using hoop structures and that they are using taller hoop structures. As agriculral practices evolve, these structures are being used for a wider variety of crops and varied farming methods. Hoop structures allow farmers flexibility with crop selection and rotation, as they can be (1) erected where needed to enhance production and to protect crops that are more sensitive to the elements, (2) moved to other parts of the farm when crops are rotated, and (3) removed entirely when crop selection indicates they are no longer needed.


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