County of Santa Barbara Long Range Planning Division

General Plan Update to Address the Requirements of Assembly Bill 162

In October 2007, Governor Schwarzenegger signed Assembly Bill 162 (AB 162) which strengthens flood protections in California by requiring jurisdictions, upon the next revision of the mandatory Housing Element, on or after January 1, 2009, to update flood related information in its General Plan. In an effort to address the requirements of AB 162, and to provide valuable information needed to protect the residents and property of Santa Barbara County from various natural hazards, the County is currently updating its Seismic Safety and Safety Element, Land Use Element, and Conservation Element. These General Plan Elements are being updated to include required information or references related to FEMA Flood Maps, High Fire Hazard Areas and Maps, fire protection Responsibility Areas, and other information necessary to comply with State law.

Board of Supervisors Hearing, August 10, 2010


Planning Commission Hearing, June 30, 2010

Draft General Plan Element Updates

Environmental Documents


Dan Klemann, Deputy Director: