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Alternative Fuels Readiness Grant

The Alternative Fuels Readiness Grant Program is funded by the California Energy Commission. The overall purpose of the Program is to increase the usage of Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFV) and promote Alterantive Fuel Infrastructure (AFI) in the region. Measurable obejctives include: increased AFV sales, decreased greenhouse gas emissions, criteria pollutants, and fuel use, and increased jobs and economic activity. The primary product of the Program is the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Readiness Plan. The Alternative Fuel Vehicle Readiness Plan provides a detailed summary of the current AFV technology and policy landscape and offers a series of targeted recommendations to planners, decision-makers, and fleet managers.



The Alternative Fuels Readiness Grant Program is a partnership between the County of Santa Barbara, three Air Pollution Control Districts (Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo Counties), the Clean Cities Coalition of the Central Coast, the Community Environmental Council of Santa Barbara, and Plug-In Central Coast - the Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PEV) Coordinating Council for the tri-county region. Key strategic partners include Plug-In America and EV Communities Alliance.

Key activities for the Alternative Fuels Readiness Grant Program include: 1) Development of comprehensive data on AFV/AFI utilization; 2) Preparation of a regional Alternative Fuels Readiness Plan addressing AFI permitting, deployment, maintenance, and inspection, and promotion of AFV-friendly public policies and incentives; 3) Development of comprehensive AFV outreach activities, including training sessions on AFI and AFVs for fleet operators, planners, first responders, and decision makers, as well as "Ride and Drive" events to spur AFV sales and awareness. The Alternative Fuels Readiness Plan includes a strategic assessment of the challenges and opportunities for the adoption of AFV and implementation of targeted outreach programs. The alternative fuel types that are addressed in the Plan include electricity, natural gas, propane, hydrogen, and biofuels. Additionally, the Central Coast AFV Readiness Task Force has been created, comprising members and other key leaders of the existing Plug-In Central Coast PEV Coordinating Council, as well as key fleet managers with AFV experience, local government and industry representatives, and interested stakeholder groups. This Plan will ultimately support elements within the County of Santa Barbara's Energy and Climate Action Plan.



Alternative Fuels Vehicle Readiness Plan

Summary Report: Central Coast Alternative Fuel Ecoystem Project



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