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Smart Build Santa Barbara (SB2) Program

The Smart Build Santa Barbara (SB2) Program, formerly known as the Innovative Building Review Program, is a free, voluntary program that encourages applicants early in the planning process to make their new or existing developments more energy efficient and sustainable.  SB2 also promotes development that exceeds the California Energy Efficiency State Standards (also known as Title 24). The ultimate goal of SB2 is to encourage applicants to build developments that use little energy, which are 100% supplied by renewable sources, without forsaking comfort and reasonable building costs.

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Description and Structure

Participation in SB2 is available for any project in Santa Barbara County. Participants will receive free advice on energy-efficient strategies and will receive incentives for meeting SB2 energy’s efficient criteria.  SB2‘s advice comes from the SB2 committee, which is made up of local professionals including contractors, architects, engineers, energy consultants, and government officials who have a remarkable amount of knowledge in innovative, energy-efficient and green developments. The Committee’s advice will benefit the design, construction, and operation of the development in a number of ways, including increased marketability, increased comfort, and reduced utility bills. We encourage that you bring your development to the program early in the planning process to reap the most from these benefits.
The SB2 Program consists of two tiers for new and existing development, both of which exceed standard building and energy requirements:

Both tiers must meet CALGreen’s mandatory requirements for residential and nonresidential buildings .

Participation in SB2 is not a building or zoning permit application requirement; however, the County encourages applicants to take full advantage of the free services listed above. As further incentive, all development plans that meet one of the two voluntary tiers and CALGreen’s mandatory requirements will receive a Santa Barbara County Smart Building Award Certificate. Additional incentives for reaching the two tiers include:

Application Process
An applicant should complete the SB2 application available below or at Planning and Development’s permit zoning counters at 123 East Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 or 624 West Foster Rd, Suite C, Santa Maria, CA 93455.  Projects participating in emPowerSBC, Built Green Santa Barbara or LEED certification programs are also welcome but need to fill out the SB2 application.
If the applicant is attending a SB2 meeting early in their project’s planning process and are requesting free consultation on energy-efficient and green building designs, the applicant will only need to bring their preliminary plans to the meeting. 
If the applicant is requesting final approval of their plans for a County Smart Building Program stamp, they will need to bring the following:

-   All energy-efficient features that their project is incorporating to get beyond Title 24;
-   All CALGreen mandatory requirements; and
-   All the required points from the SB2 checklist.



Meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, at 3:30 p.m., in Santa Barbara’s Planning & Development’s third floor Courtyard conference room located at 123 E. Anapamu Street.

Please contact Kathy Pfeifer at (805)568-2507 or at least five business days prior to the meeting you would like to attend. Applicants may attend as many meetings as they need; furthermore, the County encourages applicants to participate early in the planning process. 


Program Description

Application Checklist


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