County of Santa Barbara Long Range Planning Division

Hollister Avenue-State Street Improvements Project

Santa Barbara County is planning important roadway and streetscape improvements for Hollister Avenue-State Street, a 1.25 mile corridor stretching from San Antonio Road/Auhay Drive to State Route 154. Planning & Development and Public Works are working together throughout all phases of the project, which will improve all modes of transportation and create a safe and attractive corridor.

The streetscape component will plan lighting, sidewalks, crosswalks, bike lanes, bus stop shelters, landscaping, intersection improvements, and public art. These improvements will create a “sense of place” and help transform the corridor into a vibrant, attractive, and safe gateway into Eastern Goleta Valley that is accessible to all users, including persons with disabilities, pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers, and transit users.

The roadway component includes road widening, drainage, medians, and railroad bridge replacement over Hollister Avenue to improve traffic circulation and vehicular and pedestrian safety. Public Works has additional information available, click here.

Recent Activities and Planning Process

We are currently refining the Second Draft Conceptual Streetscape Improvements Plan into a final draft based on public comments and input from the South County Board of Architectural Review (SBAR). To date, we have completed the following:

1. Studied existing conditions and prepared a First Draft Conceptual Streetscape Improvements Plan.

2. Presented the First Draft Plan to SBAR for comments on February 17, 2017. Click here for the meeting minutes.

3. Hosted the first of two open houses on May 25, 2017 at Vieja Valley Elementary School (Multi-Purpose Room) to discuss the First Draft Plan. The event was well-attended and created a basis for more dialogue with the community.

4. Prepared and presented the Second Draft Plan to SBAR for comments on July 7, 2017. Click here for the meeting minutes. Click here for the exhibits, which are the current state of the plans.

Tentative Schedule of Upcoming Public Events

Your input is vital to the success of this project. Below is a tenative schedule for upcoming events that will be continually refined.

1. Host second and last open house with Final Draft Conceptual Streetscape Improvements Plan. (Summer 2018)

2. Present the Final Draft Plan at the third and last hearing to SBAR for comments. All public comments to date and feedback from SBAR will be considered in the last round of revisions to the Final Draft Plan. (Summer 2018)

3. Public Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Review Period. (Fall 2018)

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We welcome your ideas, comments, suggestions, or questions throughout all phases of this project.

Please contact Allen Bell, Supervising Planner (see contact information below)., (805) 568-2056

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