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Seismic Safety and Safety Element

The County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan contains a number of maps and updated data which serve as the primary guiding document regarding public safety in the event of natural disasters. This project updates the Seismic Safety & Safety Element to reflect the policies of the County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan for natural events that apply to urban fire hazard, fault lines, emergency evacuation routes and emergency response planning as required by State and Federal law.


The Seismic Safety & Safety Element establishes policies to protect the community from natural and manmade hazards. It is intended to guide land use planning by providing pertinent data regarding geologic, soil, seismic, fire and flood hazards. This element also includes the Safety Element supplement which describes land use planning measures to reduce the risk of public exposure to acutely hazardous materials associated with oil and gas pipelines and fixed facilities.

Completed Senate Bill 1241 Compliance

In order to address fire protection and prevention, Senate Bill 1241 (SB 1241) requires jurisdictions to update the Safety Element with new information regarding fire hazards. California's increasing population and expansion of development into previously undeveloped areas is creating more "wildland-urban interface" (WUI) issues with a corresponding risk of economic loss caused by wildland fire. The changing climate, specifically the rising temperatures and increasing temporal variability of water availability, is substantially increasing wildfire risk in many areas.

The Safety Element was updated to address the risk of fire for state responsibility areas and high fire hazard severity zones. This included updating fire hazard severity zone maps, historical data on wildfires, and the land use within high hazard areas. This update will ensure that the County has a set of feasible implementation goals designed to continue to carry out the existing fire protection policies within the Safety Element.

Completed AB 162 Compliance

AB 162 states that when a local jurisdiction updates its Housing Element on or after January 1, 2009, a jurisdiction also must update its Safety Element to include information regarding flood hazards, as well as update its Conservation Element to identify rivers, creeks, and riparian habitat that may accomodate floodwater for purposes of stormwater management and groundwater reacharge. Long Range Planning made updates to the County’s Safety and Conservation Elements to establish compliance with AB 162, as well as revisions to the Land Use Element. The draft text of these updates can be located here.


Dan Klemann, Deputy Director:

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