County of Santa Barbara Long Range Planning Division

UCSB photoUCSB Long Range Development Plan Review

Key Milestones and Dates

Re-Circulation of LRDP Draft EIR: Feb. 9, 2009
County Approval of Mitigation and Cooperative Agreements: Sep. 7, 2010
City of Goleta Approval of Mitigation Agreement: Sep. 7, 2010
UC Regents' Approval of LRDP, LRDP FEIR, and Mitigation and Cooperative Agreements: Sep. 16, 2010
Coastal Commission Action on LRDP: Summer-Fall 2011*

Related Documents

1990 UCSB Long Range Development Plan

Adopted LRDP
1990 Cooperative Relations Agreement

1990 Mitigation Implementation Agreement

2008 UCSB Long Range Development Plan

Proposed LRDP and Draft EIR
County Comments on LRDP Draft EIR (6-23-08)
County Comments on Ocean Road Housing Project (12-12-08)
County Comments on Recirculated Sections of the Draft EIR (3-30-09)

2009 UCSB Recirculated Draft EIR

UCSB Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report
County of Santa Barbara - Comments on the 2009 UCSB Recirculated Draft EIR

2010 UCSB Final EIR

UCSB Final Environmental Impact Report

Mitigation and Cooperative Agreements

Mitigation and Settlement Agreement for Traffic and Housing
Cooperative Agreement for Fire Protection, Emergency Response and Paramedic Services
Cooperative Agreement for Law Enforcement
Cooperative Agreement for Isla Vista Community Improvements

Important Contacts:

Office of Campus Planning & Design
c/o Long Range Development Plan
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-1030

Office of the Secretary and Chief of Staff to the Regents
c/o UCSB 2008 Long Range Development Plan
1111 Franklin Street, 12th Floor
Oakland, CA 94607

South Central Coast District Office
California Coastal Commission
89 South California Street, Suite 200
Ventura, CA 93001-2801


*Estimated time frame.  Action dates are uncertain and tentative at this time.

For the most current information, please see the UCSB Vision 2025 website.