County of Santa Barbara Long Range Planning Division

About Us: Guide to the Long Range Planning Division

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The Long Range Planning Division is within the Planning & Development Department (P&D) and has 9 staff positions, organized into three working groups.  Any group may be assigned to Comprehensive Plan projects, Community Plan projects, or Special projects.  Comprehensive Plan projects involve updating the County’s Comprehensive Plan (sometimes referred to as the “general plan”) and Local Coastal Plan.  Community Plan projects involve adoption of new plans or updating the existing eight community plans that provide more guidance for these particular planning areas.  Special projects involve planning issues that are not directly associated with either the Comprehensive Plan or community plans, and may include new legislation, ordinances, capital improvements, or processing procedures.

The Division is also responsible for responding to State mandates, such as providing a General Plan Annual Report and a Housing Element Annual Report.  Finally, the Division provides a number of services to other agencies and County departments, including coordinating with the SBCAG concerning regional planning, responding to proposals before LAFCO, coordinating Responsible Agency Review of environmental documents, reviewing projects for consistency with the Comprehensive Plan, interpreting and implementing adopted Comprehensive Plan and community plan policies, and providing input on agricultural planning issues.

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Dan Klemann
Deputy Director
Allen Bell
Supervising Planner
David Lackie
Supervising Planner

Selena Evilsizor

Jessica Steele

Kyle Jordan

Julie Harris
Senior Planner

Steven Counts Imara

Corina Venegas